Challenges In Healthcare

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Managing Big Data

To treat each patient on mobile or desktop and collecting high volumes of data at speed is a challenge because each detail has to be stored privately and securely.

Trust Gap

The healthcare industry, and pharma in particular, doesn't have the best reputation thanks that has created a trust gap in which consumers as well as physicians.

Managing Reputation Online

Traditional measures of treating patients and providing nursing are inadequate in today’s digital health marketplace.Most health systems do not have effective means to capture patient feedback.

Transforming Healthcare Towards The Future!

Our solutions cater to all type of audiences in this industry and we develop software and apps for empowering physicians, for patient education/engagement, for driving the millennials through latest technology.
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How We Deliver Business Value?

With our customer-centric, agile and unique solutions connecting the patients with right doctors and the right medical facilitator at ease and convenience, you can reimagine your healthcare business to promote health and connectivity of each individual, while adapting to individual’s needs.

Data Collection And Data Privacy

Implementing the most effective big data analytics solutions!

We can easily map the data to the right patient so that it goes to the therapist and comes back with effective solutions. Our big data services that help in managing appointments, provide secure access to health records and correspond with clinical.

Targeting Patients Personally

Patients look for a more innovative and real-time experience!

We provide complete personalization for each of your patients and leads. We include features like sending personalized campaigns to each of them based on medical history, consistent healthcare plan, allergies and other stored data to build loyalty and keep them coming back.

Key Solutions We Provide

Web Solutions

We create a seamless user experience that keeps them coming back. We are recognized among leading custom web development companies.

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App Development

Our mobile-first approach rank us among the top mobile app development companies, as we deliver complete mobility solutions that meet the needs of business.

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Quality Assurance

We perform extensive testing throughout the entire development lifecycle and strive to continually decrease any non-conformance in software, apps and websites.

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Online Support

The best thing that we offer at Smart Folks is the same expertise and dedication when it comes to providing support and maintenance services.

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